The Benefits of High-Speed Hand Dryers to Businesses

Many business owners do not understand the importance of having hand dryers in their bathrooms. There is no question that they can acquire one and save money back in a couple of months. The fact of the matter is that high-speed hand dryers can save more cash than toilet papers every year. So, what hinders businesses from purchasing high-speed hand dryers and abandoning toilet papers altogether?

The common misconception of many is that all automatic hand dryers are way too loud and take too long to dry hands. Yes, there are some, but as new technology evolves, it proves that the evolution of high-speed hand dryers has offered quieter models and faster drying time—as fast as 10 seconds like that of the xlerator hand dryer.

It Is Cost-Efficient

How many toilet papers do you use when you dry your hands? Or do you even use it properly or waste them all? The use of high-speed hand dryers with energy-efficient motors and fast drying times can be 95% cheaper than that of toilet papers.

Busy commercial establishments can accommodate thousands of customers every day. Imagine how many toilet papers are being wasted throughout the year. Well, it adds up to the additional unnecessary wasted expenses. But a business establishment with an automatic hand dryer only needs to pay for the initial purchase, installation, and regular maintenance.

It Is Hygienic

Hygiene is a priority when it comes to health and sanitation, especially because there is a high volume of contagious infections and viruses. The bathroom is not an excuse for viruses that cause illnesses; that is why adapting to a touch-free fixture in the bathroom can be an essential requirement.

The risk of cross-contamination in the toilets and urinals is very high, with people coming in and out of contact. Push buttons, crank handles, or just any kind of manually-operated equipment present in the bathroom on low-cost conventional hand dryers and toilet paper dispensers also spread the germs and viruses.

So, abandoning the use of toilet paper avoids the generation of contaminated waste, and utilizing a touch-free hand dryer helps lessen the cross-contamination.

It Is Environment-Friendly

High-speed hand dryers for business establishments provide an earth-friendly solution than that of toilet papers and low-cost conventional hand dryers. Toilet papers are made from paper and that it comes from trees. The use of hand dryers eradicates the need to cut down trees for toilet papers, which significantly lessens the carbon footprint.

Toilet papers increase the chances of spreading germs and provide you with a bad appearance; it also creates more work. Manufacturing toilet papers itself has a big impact on the environment. According to a report, there are 17 cut down full-grown trees in every ton of toilet paper, 42 gallons of burned gasoline, 7000 gallons of polluted water, and 464 gallons of burned oil.

More efficient and effective high-speed hand dryers like that of an xlerator hand dryer can eliminate all the hustles and bustles in general. Hand dryers for commercial business establishments also get rid of the extra labor cost. Instead of sending someone to clean up the bathroom, you can spend it on improving the guest experience, like developing the business place, trying to expand services, improve the menu on restaurants, and do better on the other customer-related practices.