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How Construction Tech Is Embracing AI & IoT

For far too long, the construction industry has been lagging behind when it comes to use of modern technologies. This is stifling the growth of this industry, and quite often, the industry is unable to keep pace with demand in many parts of the country and also across the world.

However, things could be changing for the better, and it would not be wrong to mention that the industry is on the threshold of new innovation with the help of new technologies.

Though there are many technologies that are redefining the construction industry, experts and end-users believe that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) could be the significant drivers of change.

As we read this article, it is quite possible that many large-sized companies have already started making use of AI and IoT to bring in more efficiency and also improve productivity. These technologies could also make the construction industry safer for workers and other stakeholders.

Whether it is simple things like designing a traffic cone or something more complete like designing a construction complex, there are obviously many benefits that AI and IoT offer. We thought it would be a good idea to list down a few areas where the role of IoT and AI could become indispensable over the next few years.

It Will Not Result In Workflow Changes

One of the main reasons why the construction industry is hesitant to embrace technology is the lurking fear that it could severely disturb the existing overflows.

However, those who have understood and looked at IoT and AI from close quarters are beginning to realize that these technologies do not disrupt existing workflows in any manner whatsoever.

In fact, many of them have started using these technologies on a small scale. It is not uncommon to see many construction companies making use of remotely operated cameras are various construction sites. This helps in preventing thefts and burglaries apart from also improving the safety standards and overall well being of workers and other stakeholders.

It Could Help in Preventing Cost Overruns

It is common for many mega projects to suffer from substantial cost overruns in spite of having the best teams working towards a common objective. The role of AI could be decisive and could help in preventing such cost overruns.

They could be used on various construction projects and could also predict cost overruns taking into account multiple factors. These could include the type of contract, size of the project, and also the competence level of workers and project managers at various levels.

IoT and AI Could Help In Better Building Designs

There are a few large companies that are making use of 3D model-based processes when it comes to designing the buildings and entire housing complexes and other construction projects.

This helps in giving the construction professionals and engineers to design, plan, construct, and manage buildings and projects more efficiently and safely. It helps to come out with different models that sub-teams can make use of. It also avoids overlapping and clash of work processes and workflows.

Managing Risks Better

There is no doubt that every construction project has some risk attached to it. These pertain to safety, quality, cost risk, and the risk related to time overruns. The risks increase in size in proportion to the overall size of the construction project.

When we learn to make intelligent use of IoT and AI solutions, it is quite possible that we will be able to manage risks better and bring down the various associated risks that could lead to cost overruns and other such problems. AI, in particular, could come in handy to assign priority to multiple issues and this can be done in an automated mode.

Further, it also allows the rating of subcontractors taking into account the overall risk score. Construction managers will, therefore, be able to work in close association with high-risk teams and this could bring down the risk levels quite significantly.

Project Planning

There is the increased use of robots, artificial intelligence, and the same are juxtaposed with IoT. They could become a regular feature in the next few years. This is because of inherent advantages that could help in better quality control, better adherence to timelines, and also avoiding time and cost overruns.

The Final Word

The above are just a few of the advantages associated with the use of AI and IoT in the construction industry. These are still early days, and as we understand the full impact of these technologies in this industry, things will change for the good in the years to come.