Advantages of using .Net For App Development

.Net is a framework developed by Microsoft used for a plethora of digital, web and application development. .Net is comprised of features that can be used for programming, sourced files, as a programming language, compiler, library and as a platform. Curious about what this list actually means? Read on:

Programming: This just means using .Net to instruct your computer, telling it what to do! This is also known as coding.

.Net Platform: The .Net platform is a huge collection of different languages, libraries and tools that are used for writing code, it’s a very productive and efficient platform to develop with.

Programming Language: A programming language is basically the means by which code is written. Programming or code cannot be constructed or written if it’s not following some pattern of logic or language, which is most usually a combination of numerical figures, math and English. A compiler is able to digest the data communicated in programming languages.

Compiler: A compiler, as mentioned in the above point, is what compiles, or to put it simply reads, code. Compilers are able to translate a coding or programming language and feed it to the computer so they can understand and take action or direction.

Sourced File: A sourced file is the document, or file, that stores or contains the programming language that is to be read by the compiler.

Library: This is the collection of code that has already been translated by the compiler and read by your computer. Store your useful and effective code in your library for future use.

A developer can use .Net for creating, developing and maintaining web applications, mobile applications and desktop applications – among other things. There is a recent update of .Net called .Net Core and this is open source and usable across different platforms, leaving more room for creativity and expansion. Some of the benefits of using the .Net framework include:

Benefits Of Using .Net


.Net has been operating for a solid seventeen years, so it’s safe to say that it has been well tried and tested over its time! Since 2002, .Net has been used to develop thousands of different sites and applications, with support from the very reliable Microsoft Server. A system that has been used and developed for many years provides innate security and reliability for developers and users alike.


Windows confirmation and configuration makes .Net incredibly secure to use for developers. Role-based and controlled access security keeps sourced files, code and libraries incredibly safe.

Use Across Different Languages

.Net does not have one favoured programming language, in fact, it calls itself a language-independent framework. This means that a developer can use their preferred language or multiple programming languages to write their code.

Reusable Code, Less Need for Coding 

.Net is wonderfully streamlined and somewhat minimal for a programming framework, it uses object-oriented programming to get rid of code that’s not needed. This makes it much faster to work as it means that less coding is needed during the writing process. There are reusable and component code options to cut time and cost during the development.


.Net frameworks make the deployment process (aka preparing an application to operate in an environment) easier and faster. After development, the framework uses features like no-impact applications, controlled sharing of code, partially trusted code and private components to make the whole journey easier from there on out. This promotes safe code execution and minimises potential conflict in the deployment process.

All of these benefits make .Net amazing for app development, no matter what your business or service might be! Any system that makes the development process faster, safer and smoother is going to save time and money for everyone involved. With continuous updates and evolutions, some very recently announced, having a professional on your side is essential. Ensure your app is as up to date and well developed as possible by exploring your options for .Net developers today!