3 Benefits of Peptides


Society is filled with health and wellness buzzwords; one buzzword that you may not be familiar with is peptidesPeptides – a fancy way of saying short strings of amino acids – are proteins that are easier for the body to absorb. Peptides occur naturally in your body, but are unstable in their natural state. New developments are allowing peptides to be synthesized into more stable forms that can be used in some notable ways. 

Peptides May Fight Aging

As humans age, their bodies store stagnant cells that have stopped growing. These cells slowly build up over time and cause inflammation. Peptides can help fight inflammation, and some biochemists, like Ryan Smith, believe that peptides could slow signs of aging through the removal of these cells. Additionally, collagen peptides can help treat wrinkles and increase skins’ elasticity and hydration by prompting the body to create more collagen.  

Peptides May Slow Inflammation and Speed Healing

The body’s ability to heal can be tied to its ability to reduce inflammation. Bioactive peptides have been found to reduce inflammation by calming and soothing skin, which simultaneously allows the body an opportunity to heal skin issues. Research is also exploring the implication that microbial peptides may assist with chronic inflammatory diseases and intestinal inflammation. Microbial peptides kill the microbes that attack cells and spark the body’s immune system to respond more rapidly, thus boosting healing.  

Peptides Can Be Added to Existing Drugs

Because they are small and easy to break down, peptides can be added to pharmaceutical drugs to aid in their performance. Smith’s Lexington KY based operation is studying peptides and their incorporation into drugs that treat diabetes, vitiligo, cardiovascular issues and even cancer. While the research is still ongoing, many scientists find the potential of peptides exciting. 

While still somewhat unknown, peptides are breaking onto the scene and making a name for themselves. Just as with any health trend, you would be well served to check with your physician before undergoing anything significant that involved peptides, but it’s a trend that’s worth keeping on your radar.