Damages Available to you After Winning the Disability Discrimination Lawsuit

If you have been terminated wrongfully for disability discrimination, you should rest assured to hire the services of Columbus Ohio disability discrimination attorney. The attorney would be your best bet for filing a case against the employer.

If you were wondering on the damages available on winning the case, let us delve on it.

You should rest assured that on winning your disability discrimination case, you could ask the court of law to get you reinstated on the job. However, at times, it may not be feasible as a lot of time may have passed and the negative feelings may have built up between you and the former employer.

Rather, it would be relatively common in receiving monetary damages. Some of the monetary damages would be inclusive of the following:

  • You would be entitled to the wages, benefits, and out of pocket expenses you have incurred after being terminated wrongfully.
  • You would be entitled to damages for emotional distress that has been caused due to wrongful termination.
  • You would be entitled to punitive damages intended to punish your employer for breaking the law.
  • You would be entitled to front pay as compensation provided you were highly unlikely to find a job for some duration in the future.
  • You would be entitled to the fee of your attorney along with other available costs associated with filing of the lawsuit.

You would be able to collect as much as you have lost after being fired by the employer wrongfully due to disability discrimination. However, the federal law restricts how much you could be awarded for the emotional distress, out of pocket expenses incurred during the period when you lost the job, and punitive damages. You should rest assured that the maximum combined award for the aforementioned damages would range from $50,000 to $300,000 based on the size of the employer.