Floral Bouquets: 7 Flowers You Can Use

Every time you attend a wedding, what are the things you always notice? Is it the gown of the bride or maybe the location? For some, they pay attention to the bouquet that the bride is holding. If you lay your eyes there, it is hard to let go. You observe its colour, the type of flower included, and the arrangement. You will see many of them in different styles, making you think of what could work for you on your wedding day. Search for the best florist in Singapore to get the floral arrangement you want.


If you look for floral bouquets, you will see that florists use different flowers. You might have various types in one arrangement. But before creating one, you must know first the types of flowers you can have for your bouquet. They have meanings and symbolisation that could help people see more about you, your partner, and the celebration. They convey messages that could say something about your future of being married. So to help you start, here are some of the flowers you can use:


Rose is the most common flower you will see in flower arrangements. If you want to offer someone a gift, a rose is what you can give. Couples also use it for their floral bouquets because of what it symbolises. People see it as a sign of love and affection, but it could also mean luxury and beauty. You will see these meanings in a red rose. There are also other colours you might want to consider, like yellow. This colour means a new beginning and joy, representing what you want for your married life.


If you are looking for a flower that represents gracefulness and beauty, orchids are what you can use. Similar to a rose, the meaning might also differ depending on the colour. The most common colour in this flower is purple, symbolising dignity and respect. But since you will have it in your wedding bouquet, white orchids are what you can choose. This colour means elegance, purity, and faith. Those are some of what you and your partner need once you finish your vows, strengthening the love between you.


If you are looking for a wedding flower that represents gratitude, hydrangea is the flower for you. You will see it in different colours, like pink, blue, purple, green, and white. But since you have it in your bouquet, white is what you can use. It means grace and purity, like how you represent your marriage. But if you want to put other colours, it is also okay. Pink is what you might want to consider if you want to show emotions and romance to your partner.


Another flower that represents purity is the daisy. This flower shows successful childbirth and motherhood, guiding you throughout the process of pregnancy. Some other meanings that it also represents are beauty and innocence because of its colour. If you see this, you might feel that your mood improves because white and yellow make everything around you light and bright. But, there is a legend that says God uses daisies to heal parents who lost their children.




Check tulips if you are looking for a wedding flower in Singapore that symbolises perfect love. The flower is associated with love, even its other colours. You will see them in pink, red, white, and yellow. Choose one that could match the theme of your wedding or represents the exact meaning of love for you.

  • PINK TULIPS mean that you care for the person you love. If you want to give it as a gift, you wish that person all the good things in life.
  • RED TULIPS are all about love and admiration. If you want to tell your partner that your feelings are real, this colour is what you can use.
  • WHITE TULIPS are what you will commonly see at funerals. People give it to the family to tell them their condolences. But, it could also mean something more. If you want to show honour in your marriage, this colour is what you can use.
  • YELLOW TULIPS is about being happy. If you want your wedding day and married life to be full of happiness with your partner, yellow tulips are what you can use. It also symbolises hope and sunshine to people.

Knowing the differences between these colours can help you look for the wedding flower for you. Tell your partner what you feel for them using the colours of tulips.


If you want to show old love or first love, lilac is the flower you can have for your wedding bouquet. You will see it in different shades of purple, but some have white in them. It is also possible if you want your lilac to be all-white. If you also mean innocence at your wedding, show it through this flower.


Not many people use carnations as part of their bouquets. But if you want it on your wedding day, you can ask a wedding florist. This flower represents the love between partners, especially if they are fascinated with each other. It also signifies devotion to making the relationship work until they get married. Some suitors give this flower to the person they want to pursue because it means admiration. You will commonly see them offering a red carnation. But if you want it for your wedding day, use white because it symbolises pure love. If you want luck to be with you throughout the marriage, do not forget this flower.

These flowers are the ones you can use for your bouquet. You can choose one type of flower or mix them depending on your theme. Ensure that you know the meaning of these flowers to show a message. The arrangement also impacts how people will see the flowers you are holding. If you want to see more floral bouquets for your wedding day, visit the website of Petite Fleur.