For My BFF: 6 Things To Consider When Sending Flowers As Birthday Gifts

Most, if not all, people acknowledge that blood is thicker than water. That means family ties will always be more potent than any other relationship that anyone will make in their life. But in some cases, it is another way around—water is thicker than blood. Even though families are there from when they were a baby, taking the first breath until they hold a bouquet as they walk down the aisle, some people find a home in the people they meet while growing up.

These are what most people call best friends or BFFs, which means best friends forever. And despite having no blood connection or relation with one another, they feel more connected. They often think that they are like siblings from different mothers (without the drama, of course).

You should know that these people are someone you feel comfortable sharing anything about your life with, including your deepest and darkest secrets. You are not afraid to share these things since you know they would not hurt you no matter how odd life gets.

If you can relate to this and cannot think of what you should give them for their upcoming birthday, give them a bouquet in Singapore. Even though giving flowers is already considered an old practice from ancient times, it is still relevant today.

Many people from different cultures enjoy receiving flowers, especially on the least unexpected days. That is why there is no reason why you should not do the same.

Read on to convince you more and learn the things you need to consider when sending flowers as birthday gifts to your closest friend.


Can You Send Flowers As Birthday Gifts?

Of course, you can! Sending flowers might be the simplest gift, but it is one of the most memorable gifts anyone could receive. No matter how simple or grand the birthday bouquet you would send them, your BFF will appreciate your effort.

You should know that no matter how modern the world gets, it is always the thoughts that count when sending a gift to anyone.


For My BFF: 6 Things To Consider When Sending Flowers As Birthday Gifts

1. Flowers Have Meanings

If an image can speak a thousand words, flowers do not need to get captured by a camera to rely on its meaning. Since giving flowers has been a practice since ancient times, it is not surprising that each one has meaning.

Knowing the meaning of each flower will help make the birthday bouquet in Singapore that you plan to send to your BFF more special.

If you are not familiar with flowers and their meanings, it is time to study and learn. The infographic shown below has flowers from A to Z, along with their meanings.



Consider saving this infographic on your computer or mobile device so you will have a copy whenever you want to buy a birthday bouquet for your BFF in Singapore.

2. Ditto With Their Colours!

Did you know that in addition to the significance of flowers as a whole, the colours they have also have meanings of their own? That is right! Some of their meanings can also express various emotions and messages that the mouth is having trouble saying (referring to people that are too shy to speak their thoughts out loud).

And since you plan to send a birthday rose bouquet to your friends, the right colour is coral red. This colour signifies friendship, modesty, and sympathy.

Nevertheless, here are the colours of roses and their meanings that you need to keep in mind.

  • White rose: a new beginning, a fresh start, purity, innocence, and reverence.
  • Red rose: I am in love with you.
  • Dark red rose: a deep, dark crimson rose.
  • Pink rose: elegance, joy, and tenderness
  • Yellow rose: resentment, unfaithfulness
  • Orange rose: I ardour or desire you
  • Lavender rose: instant adoration or love at first sight

If you prefer sending tulips as a bouquet in Singapore, here are the meanings of their colours.

  • Tulips in pink are a symbol of joy and assurance
  • Tulips in purple denote a royalty
  • Yellow tulips stand for positive emotions
  • White tulips stand for reconciliation

3. Mind The Floral Arrangement

Even though a birthday bouquet is the common floral arrangement, you should know that there are other options you can choose from that an online florist in Singapore can make for you.

If you have a particular floral arrangement in mind, make sure to let the online florist know so they can prepare it for you.

4. Add A Customised Card

To make the birthday bouquet you will be sent to your BFF, consider adding a customised card. A message from you can make it more memorable. Even if the flowers get wilted over time, your BFF can keep the customised card.

5. Care To Include Additional Gifts?

Soft toys and wines are some of the additional gifts you can include in a birthday bouquet. Just make sure to inform the online florist beforehand so they can prepare them right away.

6. Send Follow Up As Often As Possible

The last thing you need to do when sending a birthday bouquet for your BFF in Singapore is to send follow-ups to the online florist. They will give you updates about your order, like the estimated arrival time at the recipient’s address.

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