A Guide To Your First Counselling Therapy  


Even though everyone knows that life is full of ups and downs, the ability to accept reality is different for each person. Some only need a few minutes, while others take months or years before they can face the problem, find a solution and move on.  In rare cases, some people need a family or individual therapy session.

The World Health Organisation even found that around 1 billion people have mental health problems, and one commits suicide every 40 seconds. This staggering amount is a growing concern as time passes since depression can affect the quality of one’s life and the people around them.

Whether it is a mood or mental disorder, one in seven Singaporeans is experiencing these mental illnesses. These people need a family or individual therapy session in Singapore to help them get through difficult situations and find answers to the problem that has been eating their life slowly.

If you think you are one of those people who need help, here are the things you should take note of when undergoing family or individual counselling therapy.


9 Things To Take Note Of When Undergoing Through Counselling Therapy

1. Read About Your Counsellor’s Credentials

Before going to one of the family service centres in Singapore and attending your first counselling therapy, you should try to learn more about your counsellor.

The best way you can do that is by reading about their credentials. They have a list of experience and expertise that they have been through and what makes them the person they are today.

2. Your Counsellor Do Not Have Psychic Powers

Even though counsellors have been giving countless advice to several people and helping them get through their life problems, that does not mean they can read minds.

That is why sit back and relax. Your countless thoughts are safe in your mind since no one else can read them but you.

However, you should know that you need to rely upon some of your thoughts so your counsellor can help you.

3. Honesty Is The Best Policy

While this is already an old passage, that does not change the fact that it is still relevant today. You should know that if you do not become honest with yourself alone, you cannot help yourself. Others cannot also help you since they have no idea what you are going through.



In other words, try to open up and be honest with yourself and the counsellor once you attend your first family or individual therapy session in Singapore.

4. Make Sure You Show Up And Are Present

Another thing you should take note of is you should be physically and mentally present so your counsellor can help you. Otherwise, your attendance alone will mean nothing.

For example, even if you become one of the members of women empowerment in Singapore, you cannot help those women in need if they can feel your presence.

Even though you are there PHYSICALLY, your help will not get through their heart since your mind is not present to help them.

5. Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions And Voice Your Doubts

Talking about personal problems with a stranger can be alarming, but you should know that counsellors are no strangers. Giving advice is the source of living and helping others is their passion.


You should know that counselling is one of the volunteering opportunities in Singapore to help the country become a better living environment. When you are in doubt about the life advice you receive or have questions, do not be afraid to ask.

Your questions can go a long way since they can help clear your doubts and open you to find hope for your life problems.

6. Give Feedback

Apart from your questions, you can also give your feedback. Your views and opinions can help them improve how they deliver advice and counsel others.

You might never know that your feedback can help your counsellor know how to deal with others that have step families. In short, giving feedback is a great thing you can do for you, your counsellor, and other people they will counsel in the future.

7. Counsellors Do Not Prescribe Drugs

Another thing you should take note of before starting your counselling session with a counsellor is that they cannot prescribe drugs. If you have problems sleeping at night due to stress or a nightmare, it would be better to seek psychiatric help. Doctors that specialise in this field are the ones who can prescribe which medication you should take to calm down and feel better.

8. Wait And Be Patient

Mental health problems are like other physical conditions. They take some time to heal and recover. You should know that going to one session is not enough.

Even though you can get enlightenment in one family or individual therapy in Singapore, the advice you receive from your counsellor will take time before every word can get through your mind and heart.

That is why you should wait patiently. Ideally, if you can find improvements within eight sessions or six months, you should consider finding another counsellor.

9. Practice Between Sessions

Like learning new things requires practice, you should also need to put your counsellor’s advice into practice. For example, if you are having trouble making friends, try to join an extracurricular club. If you cannot get in touch with them in person because you are too anxious, chatting with them can be your first step.

How To Prepare For Your First Counselling Therapy?

Preparing for the first counselling session is different for everyone. Nevertheless, here is a list of general things you can do before coming to your first family or individual therapy in Singapore.

  • Bring A Supportive Person
  • Take Notes
  • Do The Work Outside Your Sessions
  • Set Boundaries Around Therapy

Go to PPIS if you need to undergo family or individual therapy in Singapore. Just go to their website and see what else they have to offer.