Why Businesses Should Rent Instead of Buy a Goods Vehicle in Singapore


With so many vehicles plying Singapore’s streets, traffic congestion and control are real issues everyone deals with. Limited space in the country means that too many vehicles can worsen the traffic situation in the country. If every resident of Singapore owns a private vehicle, it will only clog our roads. Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of the reliable public transport system of the country. Their circumstances might make it inconvenient, or they might run a business where they need large-scale transportation of goods. If you fall under the latter category, you might want to explore commercial vehicle servicing in Singapore.

One has many reasons not to purchase a vehicle in Singapore. The government regularly enacts measures to make it harder to own a vehicle. For example, taxes for importing vehicles inflate the base price of a car, making it more expensive compared to other countries. A car owner also needs to pay for licensing, registration, and certifications, which raises prices even more. Car ownership might be a distant dream for many people.

But even a reliable transportation system is not enough for many businesses. Many businesses deal with transporting their products to retail outlets and stores. Other times, they might need to transport employees to business meetings and conferences hosted in other areas. They look for private transportation methods to make the transportation of large volumes of materials and goods feasible. If a business does not want to deal with the exorbitant costs of purchasing commercial vehicles, then renting a vehicle is the best choice.

You may already be aware of the various benefits of renting vs purchasing a vehicle for personal purposes, but businesses and other commercial establishments also benefit from renting vehicles. From lorry to van leasing in Singapore, an owner can find many types of automobiles available for rent.

Why businesses rent commercial vehicles


We consider rentals the most attractive option when you only need to use your vehicle for a short period. But businesses see continuous usage of their vehicles over their lifetimes. Many times, purchasing vehicles is a prudent option, but other times, renting makes more sense. Business owners can find many reasons to hold off a car purchase. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider renting over purchasing a commercial vehicle.

1) You are in immediate need of a vehicle

Suppose you own a fleet of lorries and one suddenly breaks down without warning. Having one vehicle removed from the roster for too long can delay the business process. One quick option is to hire a replacement from a commercial vehicle company while you wait for a repair company to maintain your vehicle. You can also rent a vehicle to act as a replacement before you purchase a new lorry.

2) You want to try out different models before buying one

“Trying before buying” can ensure you are happy with your purchases. Unfortunately, you might not be able to know if you will be satisfied with any car option until you purchase it and try it out yourself. Rentals allow you to try specific brands and car models. You can rent a goods vehicle in Singapore and try out other commercial automobiles on a months-long contract. It is enough time to determine whether the investment into vehicle ownership is worth the price.

3) You’ve just started your business and you possess limited capital

If you think a private vehicle for personal use is costly, then owning a commercial vehicle is not much better. Lorries, vans, and other commercial vehicles are too expensive for startup owners with limited funds. The monthly rent of an automobile is cheaper than instalments for a car purchase. It makes more sense to rent vehicles before your business becomes profitable. You can use automobiles while you work towards earning enough capital to purchase a vehicle for your business.

4) You need your vehicles on an infrequent or sporadic basis

A few businesses do not need commercial vehicles regularly, only using them when they need to transport a large number of goods. If your business needs lorries once every few weeks or less, it will not get much use out of a lorry purchase. You can rent commercial vehicles on an as-needed basis, too. There is no more need to pay insurance fees or maintenance fees. Ask a rental company for their terms on infrequent vehicle rental services.

5) You only need a commercial vehicle for an event

Multiple vehicles are available for commercial purposes. For example, corporate car rental or van leasing in Singapore is important for ferrying your employees to meetings and other events occurring outside the office. If you only need your vehicle for one event, you can find several rental companies that offer single-day rentals for specific vehicles. This is the best choice for business owners who need a car for one occasion.

6) You want to avoid all the fees associated with vehicle ownership

One of the reasons to rent a vehicle is the absence of paying maintenance fees, insurance premiums, and repair costs. The rental company covers all these needs and other such costs. On some occasions, renting instead of buying a vehicle is less costly in the long(er) run. Renting a vehicle allows you to carry on with using the latest vehicle models for the duration of your contract and switch to a better alternative for cheaper prices. At the end of your contract, you have the freedom to buy a vehicle that works best for you.

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