How to Camouflage Raw Diets for Your Cat

Raw food is excellent for cats, but they do not know that, especially if they have been on a kibble diet all their life. After all, kibble smells and tastes invite your cats, and they will certainly be drawn to it more. 

This means they may have a challenge accepting the new raw pet food before they get accustomed to it. In such instances, cat parents need to be creative and develop unique ways to mask the taste of the raw food and make it more interesting for the cats to want it themselves. 

Raw meat on its own has a very mild smell and taste, and cats that have been on kibble for long may be repelled or fail to identify it. 

Creativity is thus very key when you want to transition your cat. You may have to think outside the box to achieve this goal. Below are a few tricks that will have your cat fooled and introduce it to the raw food diet. These tricks will also make the transition a bit faster and more definite.

Potential bribes that will have your cat fooled include:

  1. Drizzling the tuna juice of the wet cat food on the raw food
  2. Smearing their Favorite canned cat food on the raw food to entice them.
  3. Adding a small amount of parmesan cheese to the raw food
  4. Adding crumbled liver
  5. Sprinkling crushed kibble over the raw food
  6. Smash and pour some canned herring, sardines, and anchovies on top of the food
  7. Use some bone broth or the marinate used on meat
  8. Use the cat’s favorite snacks as a way of deterring them from being aware of the raw meat

When tracking your cat to accept raw food, use all the tricks up your sleeve. You certainly know what they like and can identify with them more. Use that which they love most to mask the raw cat food smell and taste. You won’t have to do this for so long as the dog will get used to the food soon.

Invest in quality raw food for your cat. Make sure to go for the highest quality, like Houston Raw Pet Food offers, as this will influence how fast your cat accepts to transition.

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