How to take care of a Frenchie pup?

If you are planning to bring a new frenchie dog at home, then you have to be extremely careful and cautious. Taking care of a frenchie is not same as other breeds because this is small breed and they are prone to numerous health conditions. You have to train them in a proper manner so that they can socialize and you do not have to face any behavioral issues in future. As such, this breed is quite friendly.

In this article, few tips have been shortlisted to take best care of your pup and to ensure that that they get a healthy lifestyle.

  • Training– When you bring home a new pup, the first thing id to train them to be obedient. It is important to provide a clean indoor environment and training has to be imparted in order to make them familiar with the condition. You need to train him to do his business in the right place. Here, business means ‘potty training’. Speak to him in a low voice and the owner need to have engaging conversions with his pup.
  • Introducing clothes to your dog– Frenchie breed is susceptible to extreme temperature conditions. It is essential to buy outfits like blue French bulldog in Bumblebee, pajamas, jackets etc. All these outfits are essential to protect your dog from adverse temperature condition. They are prone to getting cold during winter and there can be heat strokes or skin damage due to UV rays of the sun during summers. Almost every dog is not familiar with clothes and therefore, you have to train them right from the beginning. There are separate stores that are specialized in manufacturing French bulldog shirt, pants, harness, coats, jackets etc.
  • Health and nutrition– A balanced diet is essential for your pup. One of the nutritious foods to add in his diet is Kibble. Kibble is a chewing food and it will develop strength of the teeth. You can also provide dry and wet food to your dog. Add fish that is high in Omega 3 if your pup doesn’t like meat.
  • Grooming– Pet grooming is an essential part of dog care regime. They have short fur and therefore, frequent grooming is not essential. Clean them only when it is required. Do not bath them daily. You can use dermal soaps and good quality conditioners to keep the fur shiny and smooth.

These are some of the best ways to take care of your dog. Make sure that vaccinations are done and you should take your pup for vet checkups.