How Would You Choose the Best Business Energy Selling Company? Here We Speak

In both gas and electricity, alternative suppliers set their prices themselves. Thanks to their particularly light cost structure, they offer their customers competitive offers while guaranteeing them an irreproachable quality of service. Thus, with the Classic offer, customers benefit from a reduction of -5% on the price of kWh HT compared to the regulated sales tariff set by the State, excluding subscription of the Business Energy company.

Simple, Fast and Free Procedures

For all individuals, energy contracts are non-binding. It is therefore possible to terminate them without notice in order to subscribe to a new one from another supplier. Changing your electricity or natural gas supplier is completely free.

It is a completely transparent operation for the consumer: the energy supplied to him at his home is exactly the same. Changing energy supplier does not even require the trip of a technician, only the name of the supplier to which the individual turns to manage his contract and pay his invoices changes.

Finally, when you take out an electricity or natural gas contract with a new energy supplier, the latter is responsible for terminating your previous contract.

Comparison of Energy Offers

With around thirty alternative suppliers on the market, it is not always easy for individuals to know which energy offer to choose. In addition to the price per kWh of electricity or natural gas, other criteria come into play, in particular the quality of customer service.

How To Compare Energy Offers?

In both electricity and natural gas, the household consumption profile is the main criterion used to compare energy offers. This is established taking into account:

  • The surface area of ​​the accommodation;
  • The number of its occupants;
  • Its geographical location (gas and electricity prices vary significantly between municipalities);
  • The heating system (electric radiators, gas heating, other).

Before choosing any other supplier, it is essential to assess the savings you will be able to achieve by signing a new contract. Various online comparators are available on the Internet. For example, the information site of the National Energy Mediator offers a comparator of free electricity and gas suppliers which makes it possible to compare the tariffs and offers available in each municipality.

The Comparator of the National Energy Mediator

To compare electricity offers via the website of the National Energy Mediator, all you have to do is specify:

  • The postal code of the residence concerned,
  • The power of the meter,
  • The desired pricing (Base or Peak hours / Off-peak hours);
  • Annual electricity consumption in kWh.

If you do not know the annual consumption of your household, an online questionnaire will allow you to estimate it. You will also have to specify whether or not the business premises are equipped with a meter. Company owners whose business premises are equipped with a meter can in fact subscribe to specific electricity offers.

Once these fields have been completed, a comparative table showing the offers from several suppliers appears. This specifies in particular the name of the supplier and the estimated annual cost including tax of your invoices. A link allows you to access the details of the offers that interest you.