Occupational Safety and Health Administration Or OSHA – Things To Know

A lot of skilled individuals are working in construction sites and the project is often under time pressure which leads to overtime because they have a timeline to follow as well as deadlines to meet. These employees may have benefits and a good salary but are they sure that they are safe and protected because there is also a risk that these workers have to face. We all know that they have to deal with tall buildings, construct the structures, carry heavy loads, and operate machines and accidents may happen, too.

That’s why they need to know about the OSHA manual because this will tell them if their company is following the safety standards. It is not enough for a parent or adult to just earn money without knowing the safety of his workplace because when something went wrong, he may lose the chance to work again. Building construction projects require skilled laborers and you may have to finish your contract that will last for months or even years, so before accepting such tasks make sure that you are secured and protected.

When you are in the United States, it is required to follow the policies, regarding building construction, and firms that offer these kinds of services have to apply for permits and licenses to start the operation. If you know that the company you are working for strictly implements and follows the OSHA policies, then you are safer so you will have peace of mind and can focus more on your tasks. Therefore, you should know what this strategy is all about and how can it help you and your employer.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration integrates three strategies that will aid employees as well as employers to lessen the rate of death, injuries, and illnesses, while on-site or on duty. In my opinion, it is a must to follow these schemes because lives are important and we have families who are counting on us, too. Therefore, preventive measures and care must be strictly implemented not only in the industrial field but in all working environments.

One is to have an effective, fair, and tough enforcement. Next is to assist in training or education as well as to comply with knowledge and skills. And then, to integrate various programs and deal with alliances, partnerships, and cooperatives.

These strategies must be incorporated to help in promoting a healthier and safer environment which is an advantage or beneficial to both employers and workers. That’s why it would be great if manuals would be understood and implemented – visit https://www.humanresourcesmba.net/lists/5-functions-of-osha/to learn more about its functions.


Employers and their employees who are under the private sector from 50 states of the US, as well as other jurisdictions and territories under the federal state, are covered by the OSH Act. However, this program must be approved and allowed in your state.

Those who are self-employed and immediate members of the family or who are not outside workers like in the farms are not covered. Local government employees are not also covered since they have their own health and safety plans or insurance policies. Federal agencies are held responsible for a safe and healthy working environment or condition of their staff, so their workis usually inspected to check if OSHA standards are met.

When it comes to the states, they are encouraged to develop or implement a plan that ensures health and safety during the operation, while private sectors are under federal jurisdiction. This plan for each state as well as local government must meet the standards and requirements to be approved.

General Requirements

OSHA requires the employers for each state in the US to incorporate reasonable practices for different conditions inorder to protect their people, especially while performing their duties and responsibilities as a staff, worker, or laborer. Every employer is required to comply with the standards that apply to his establishment and be familiar with it.

When it comes to construction sites, they need to make sure that everybody is safe by using PPEs or personal protective equipment. In this way, acquiring injuries will be prevented. They should wear proper attire – put on their helmets, face shields, gloves, masks, eye wears, and boots as needed.

Some employers are not strict when it comes to PPE’s and this must be changed. They should be mindful of this and take it seriously because their workers are their responsibilities.


Risk is everywhere – it could be at home, along the road or streets, and in our workplace. That’s why the administration is looking seriously at the hazards that should be prevented. This is the reason why there are manuals and programs for different fields and sectors.

These hazards include toxic chemicals or substances, wastes, electricals, trenches, falling, fires, explosions, hazardous machines, dangerous environment, and infectious virus or diseases – go here for further reading. There might be no specific or clear standards in some situations but you should know that there is a general duty clause that must be complied with.

This OSH Act aims at protecting the state, community, and its people who are employed. This act requires a safe workplace environment that is set to prevent hazards from happening. Individuals must be far from danger or any physical harm that may lead to illness and death.

Reporting Requirements

We cannot also avoid accidents from occurring while at work or on-site. Any incident that caused injuries, diseases, and death must be reported to OSHA.

Cases, such as death as well as those who are hospitalized due to incidents related to their job must be filed and reported immediately. Some workers are suffering from an illness and are still employed. For example, when someone had a heart attack at his workplace or on duty, then OSHA has to be notified.

What if you are already off duty and on the way home or driving but a motor accident occurred and you got injured, is it reported, too? In cases where accidents occurred outside the working area or happened in public and not related to one’s job is not necessarily reported since it is off-site.