The Best Kitchen Gadgets On The Market

If you’re the foodie who wants to add unrivalled technological precision to your culinary arts, a newbie who wants to leave nothing to chance, or simply someone who appreciates elegant and innovative technology, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how you can take your gourmet game to the next level. 

Olive Oil Dispenser

Cooking with olive oil is a bit like Goldilocks: not too much or too little, it has to be just the right amount. This particular gadgetrecently went viral on TikTok for wowing users with its nifty features and easy handling. 

The misting add-on allows you to spray any meat or vegetable with even oil coverage, allowing you to prepare better and tastier food. It also has a handy clutch feature to make pouring measurements easier and more accurate.You’ll never have to deal with overly greasy food ever again.

Smart Meat Thermometer

Few people enjoyeating chewy, overcooked meat, and no-one enjoys contracting salmonella. There are plenty of devices to measure the internal temperature of your meat – thermometers analogue and digital abound. 

But the introduction of a thermometer that lets you check the state of your meal without even opening the oven door is truly a game-changer. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, the Smart Meat Thermometer allows you to check the temperature at any time and will even let you know when the meat is cooked to your satisfaction. This leaves you with more time to enjoy online blackjack real money games while your meat cooks to perfection. 


While not technically a device to improve your cooking, the FoodCycler deserves a mention for its eco-friendly elegance. Essentially an electronic compost bin, the FoodCycler has many advantages over the traditional composting process. 

The FoodCyclerneutralises odours from the organic matter breaking down inside it, making it easier to store than a conventional composting bin, which has to be stored outside because it attracts flies and gives off a strong odour. 

Traditional compost bins are large and heavy, have to be regularly tended and, and, depending on the particular composting method, must be placed in an area that is either entirely or partially shaded. The FoodCyclergives you the means to reduce your carbon footprint no matter the size of your home. 

Spice Carousel

The Spice Carousel isn’t high tech, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an elegant and accurate solution for storing and measuring herbs and spices. Comprised of rotating circular racks of dried melanges, Spice Carousels come with handy funnelling and measuring attachments. 

Say goodbye to messy countertops and spices stifling the flavour of your food with the Space Carousel guiding you to accurate measurement and aromatic meals.

Digital Measuring Cup

The digital measuring cup is simplicity itself, by combining a digital scale with a traditional measuring cup. Comprising a shatterproof measuring cup nestled in a detachable sleekly curved silicone cup holder, the digital measuring cup displays the weight of its contents on an LCD screen above the lip of the cup. With this nifty gadget, you’ll never have to switch between scale and measuring cup ever again.