These Benefits Of Installing Drinking Fountains Will Definitely Surprise You!

With more than thousands of people in high traffic areas, a simple drinking fountain will produce amazing results. The introduction of drinking fountain bubbler taps adds value to private or public property, with a variety of benefits such as low maintenance, environmentally friendly and convenient. With many companies offering a wide variety of versatile solutions for your applications, it is highly suitable, but not limited to public parks and amenities, gyms, schools, beaches and sporting facilities that consume fountains indoors and outdoors. Here are some important advantages of drinking fountain bubbler taps.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective:

Access to a drinking water well is good for your well-being, climate and wallet. Reducing our bottled water dependence will also reduce plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions from production and transport in our environment. Not to mention that the financial markets of consumers won’t be able to buy bottled water suggests drinking fountain bubbler taps guide.


By drinking fountain in a private/public space at crucial stages, end users can easily stay hydrated while they are taking on tasks such as workouts, training, sports and simply walking. Drinking fountain bubbler taps are low in maintenance and usually available 24 hours a day, which makes them comfortable (and healthy) drinking alternatives


There are a number of possibilities to bring to a drinking fountain, whether you install inside or outside, to satisfy your end-users ‘ needs. For starters, filtered water carbon filters, cooling for chilled water and a wide range of options for bubblers and bottle fillers. For instance, bubbles with anti-bacterial rubber mouthguards are a good choice for Junior Schools and bottle fillers for gyms are perfect. Drinking fountain bubbler taps can be mounted on a wall or as a standing pedestal, they can also be hung up and supplied on the wall in a variety of shapes and sizes. Animal bowls are also common ingredients for public water sources to keep your animal hydrated. The many companies provide a heavy-duty and vandal-free option for outdoor installations that can withstand the wear and tear of public use.

Inclusion and accessibility:

Drinking water sources are essential for the entire community and in this respect, it is vital for all users to be available. Under the Australian Access Regulations, a certain height of drinking fountains must be sufficiently clear for wheelchair users. It is also important to consider the position, visibility and ease of activation of the push button. Drinking fountain bubbler taps’ design of drink fountains has been fine-tuned and modified for over 70 years to ensure our performance. In order to meet both fitness and accessibility requirements available in one or two bowls, the drinking fountain bubbler taps have many options designed for differently-abled people can easily be adapted by many offices and parks.

Considering your budget for the drinking fountain, drinking fountain bubbler taps and many such companies can easily come up with the designs which are customized for you keeping in mind the needs of your end-users. Use of the latest water filtration system provides clean, safe water access to thousands of users.