Tricks For Fast Multiplication and Division Calculations

If you think that Maths is the only subject which has calculations to do, then you are wrong here. The computations are not only done in Math subject but also in other disciplines like Science and Commerce. Hence, it is necessary to learn the fundamentals of Maths and develop our problem-solving skills. 

But what if one has to solve the problems more quickly? It needs practice and usage of some tricks. However, small calculations such as addition, subtraction, simplifying fractions, etc. are easy to do. But for quicker calculations, which include multiplication and division methods, it is necessary to know some useful tips. Let us discuss some tips and tricks here.

Multiplication of two-digits numbers: If you have two numbers having two digits each. Double the first number and reduce the second number to half for each step, until the second number becomes the smallest single-digit number. In that way, it is easy to multiply a number with a single digit. Take a look at the example:

55 x 24

=110 x 12

=220 x 6 

=440 x 3



Tricks for Division: To divide large numbers requires effort. Hence, here are some methods to know if a number is divisible or not. A number is divisible by:

  • 10, if it ends with 0
  • 9, if the sum of all its digits is evenly divisible by 9
  • 8, if it’s last three digits are uniformly divisible by 8
  • 6, if it is an even number and the sum of all its digits is evenly divisible by 6
  • 5, if it’s last digit is 0 or 5
  • 4, if the last two digit is divisible by 4
  • 3, if the sum of all its digits is evenly divisible by 3
  • 2, if it ends with 2, 4, 6, 8, 0.

These were some tricks which students can use to solve Maths questions based on multiplication and division. To solve complex problems which consist of some constant values like pi-value, eigenvalue, or value of e, students need to memorise those values for faster calculations. Also, learning predefined formulas and remembering them helps to solve Maths in a quicker way.