Using Kratom For Weight Loss: The Advantages And Disadvantages

What Is Kratom Exactly?

Grown mostly in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Malaysia, Kratom is in its simplest form an evergreen tree in the coffee family. Its leaves are used to manage a variety of conditions including anxiety, pain and weight loss, after they are harvested and processed accordingly.

Weight Loss Options

By choosing the right kratom strain, you can achieve your weight loss goals a number of ways. When taken together, your weight loss efforts will experience a huge boost.

Using kratom weight loss supplements helps you enjoy the following benefits:

Kratom Suppresses Appetite

By suppressing appetite, the use of kratom weight loss supplements make it possible for dieters to avoid over indulging in their favorite foods. Furthermore, kratom supplements, when taken in correct doses, unlike most dieting supplements do not irritate the stomach.

Reducing Unhealthy Food Cravings

When it comes to curbing unhealthy food cravings, you can rely on kratom diet supplements to get the job done. Dieters usually struggle with avoiding unhealthy fats and carbohydrates due to the common nature of unhealthy food in today’s society. They therefore find themselves fighting against strong cravings for unhealthy foods.

By rewarding the parts of the brain that are usually rewarded by fatty and sugary foods, kratom helps keep these unhealthy cravings at bay.

Improves Energy Levels And Keeps You Motivated

Kratom supplements can give you the motivation and energy you need to keep up with your weight loss dieting plan. It will be easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle as kratom promotes the release of feel good hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine, while also keeping you energized.

The Best Kratom For Weight Loss

It is important that you choose the right kratom strain to have the best chance of losing weight. You might end up buying a strain that is not suitable for dieters, and put your progress at risk, if you are not careful.

When it comes to weight loss, the Maeng da strain is considered to be the best choice. To be more specific, white vein Maeng Da is best suited for use by dieters as compared to the green and red vein variants. Furthermore, the Thai strain is best suited to weight loss applications. If you experiment with any other kratom strains, be sure to limit yourself to the white vein variety.

Bali, Borneo and Indonesia strains should be avoided as well as any red veined variants. Using these strains may achieve the opposite effect of increasing your cravings, instead of suppressing them, due to their strong sedative effect.

Dosage Instructions

Instead of taking a larger dose of kratom with the hope of getting swift weight loss results, it is recommended that you start with the lowest possible dosage. Consider taking one or two grams of kratom in the beginning. When it comes to suppressing appetite and creating an energy boost, this quantity is usually enough.

You can increase the kratom dosage after an hour if you fail to experience the intended effect. In total, both doses should not exceed a total of 5 grams. Five to seven grams is considered to be the highest recommended dosage amount. It is important to note that taking high doses on a regular basis will cause your body to build up a tolerance fairly quickly. .

Why Use Kratom for Weight Loss?

Consider using kratom instead of regular dieting pills known to cause negative side effects with use. You can move closer to your weight loss goals and still maintain a balanced mood with this all natural plant extract.