What to Expect During Your First Physio Visit

If you live in the suburb of West Pennant Hills in Sydney, you are in a great location. You are near the Sydney central business district, plus you have access to excellent school districts, shopping centres, restaurants, and medical facilities. If you happen to be feeling aches and pains due to a sports injury, an accident, arthritic pain, bad posture, and more, then you are in a right place because there are some great West Pennant Hills physio centres around the city.

Should you be going to your physiotherapist for the first time, it is understandable why you feel nervous. After all, you will be meeting someone who will work very closely with you for your health. This is a big responsibility, so you want to ensure that you find a reputable therapist. To calm your first-time jitters, here’s what you can expect at your first visit to your physiotherapist.

Be Very Specific Regarding the Appointment

When you book an appointment, you must be very clear. Tell the receptionist what areas you are having problems with. State if it is a motor vehicle injury, a sports-related issue, or a posture problem. You need to inform the clinic ahead so they can prepare.

Some physios also specialise in specific areas or conditions, so it is best to tell them what your concerns are to ensure you find a provider who is a perfect fit. Note that some physios offer private rooms while others have curtained areas, so if you are sensitive about modesty, ask ahead of time.

Be Mindful of the Time

Allot plenty of time to get to your new West Pennant Hills physio to give you leeway to look for your clinic in case you get confused with the directions. Since it is your first time, arrive earlier than your designated schedule because you will be filling out several forms.

You may need to give your contact information, past injuries, current health concerns, and co-morbidities. Should you have extended health insurance, you must also provide this crucial data. All this information will help your physio get to know you and understand your concerns.

Be Particular About Clothes

Make it a point to wear comfy and loose clothing. You can bring a spare set of clothes, too, so you can change for a business meeting after your physio appointment. Wear clothes that are easy to slip on and off because if your area of treatment is your neck, shoulder, or back, you will need to remove your shirt.

It is done so the physio can make a quick assessment of your posture, muscles, and joints. Should you feel ill at ease with this, you can ask for a towel or blanket to cover up. Some facilities provide disposable gowns, too.

Be Ready for the Meeting

Your first meeting with your physiotherapist could take longer than an hour. Your physio will ask questions about your problem areas. He or she will want to find details about the pain, medications you take or exercises you do to alleviate the issue.

To aid in your recovery, be completely honest about your pain level and the discomfort you feel. The physio will ask you to do several movements like lifting your arm over your head or doing strength tests. This assessment is crucial because it will give your physio an idea of how to manage your health concerns.

Be Ready to Listen

After the evaluation, your physiotherapist may give you a physical diagnosis of your condition. Now is also time to ask questions like how long the treatment will take place until you feel better. Your physio will describe your recovery plan and will let you know what to expect after.

You may deal with soreness after each session, and you may feel tired. Your physio will do several procedures with you. Later on, you will receive recommended exercises for you to do at home; comply with them for faster recovery.

Your physio is your partner to better health. Make it a point to include the home exercises prescribed by your physio into your daily routine. If you want to see improvements, you must be willing to do your part. Remember that this is not a one-shot deal. You will not get better overnight, but you will see the physical progress as the days go by.

Author Bio: Carmel Issac is a blogger and writer. He loves to express his ideas and thoughts through his writings.