Cannabis consultant are experts that know so much about the use of cannabis and how it is to be planted and processed. Cannabis has become a topical plant that many people and agencies across the United States are discussing, what can be the reason for these discussions and arguments lately?  It has been argued various times before now that cannabis is harmful for human consumption and should be made to remain as an illegal drug, but currently, there seems to be a noticeable change in people’s and government’s view of this plant has some states have actually approved the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purpose. Cannabis has been used to produce drugs that are capable of maintaining and curing some challenging health issues. There are several challenging health issues that silently take lives if not well managed, one of these health issues is high blood pressure or hypertension.

What is high blood pressure or hypertension? High blood pressure is the state where the blood pressure gets above the normal blood pressure level that is needed for the arteries in the body to function perfectly for a longer period. The rise and fall of blood pressure in the body is actually normal but if the blood pressure is getting high and remains high continuously without going down, it can cause a lot of medical problems. High blood pressure is one of the silent diseases and its silent nature constitutes a cause of death rather than seriousness of the disease, this means that if high blood pressure is detected earlier, it can be well managed and may not be fatal but most times it is very difficult to detect early because people may not experience any kind of symptom until it has gotten to a critical and painful stage where symptoms are visible, at this stage, cannabis consultants are of the opinion that medical cannabis extracts might help reduce the pains of patients here are some of the symptoms that might be seen i.e. headache, vision impairment, dizziness, shortness of breath, body pains, etc. 

When high blood pressure gets to a critical stage it might result in secondary hypertension, secondary hypertension is caused by some of these i.e. alcohol consumption, kidney disease, thyroid problems, congenital heart disease, etc. whenever symptoms of high blood are noticed, it is better to get medical attention on time before it causes more health issue. Cannabis  contains cannabinoids, which has the potential of reducing extensive and serious pains that come with secondary hypertension and its symptoms, cannabinoids are known to be active compounds that don’t get people high but serve as therapeutic drugs which could come in various forms, i.e. capsules, oil and tinctures, and topical as suggested by cannabis consultants