Cat Training: Find the Right Cat Supplies Online

Cats are like dogs, they are easy to train, and most people don’t know that. They are affectionate in an unusual way. Unlike dogs, kittens are pretty much out for themselves. However, they can be too playful and rowdy also. And that’s why most kitten owners train their cats to behave accordingly. Training requires special tools, which can be confusing for a first-time feline trainer. Conducting a bit of research for cat supplies online can introduce the owners to the essential paraphernalia for cat training.

Collar and leash

Collars and leashes are common in cats too. When they are still tiny kittens, put a collar so they can get used to it. Make sure to adjust the tightness of the leash and make it as comfortable as possible. Training can start with this simple accessory on them.

There are several tricks that cats can learn, climb, run in and out into enclosed areas. Determining what to trick to teach them first will necessitate a breakaway leash in case they get stuck. It will prevent possible choking. On the other hand, a harness can also do the job. They can simply hang in the air.

Cat toys

Cat toys make training sessions exciting. Looking for cat supplies online will showcase all sorts of toys such as feathers, mouse, ball, or a catnip. Regardless of what toys the owner will choose, they are for rewards. Treats are not the only prize; their favourite toys are also good options. As long as they get these prizes after successfully doing the trick, cats will know the purpose of the rewards.


Generally, treats are essential supplies for cat training. When browsing supplies online, treats have the most number of varieties available. Giving them treats is just like bribing them to do something. Buying the right treats will motivate them to do the tricks better. It can be confusing for the owners to sort through the brands and variations of treats because kittens have preferences too. It will involve a trial-and-error sort of selection, but it will save more time once the owner gets it right.

Cat trainers suggest breaking down the treats into little pieces to avoid overfeeding the cats during the training sessions. Like human beings or any other pets, kittens slow down when they are fat. Controlling their treats is also part of cat training.

Litter box

As early as kittens are born or given to the owner, litter box training is as important as feeding them. When their mothers have been litter box trained, their kittens are mostly like trained as well. But if the kittens have different owners from their mothers, teaching them while they’re young will require a decent litter box.

Naturally, kittens are clean animals. Training them to use the litter box will not be as challenging as teaching them a new trick. When setting it up, avoid filling it with too much dirt. It will only get messy because cats like to scratch on the soil. Perhaps a small amount of mud will do just fine. The height and size of the box are also important. If they’re still tiny, too high or wide can be uneasy for kittens. Browsing for cat supplies online can help owners to find those boxes low enough for kittens to climb.

Ultimately, training cats will require a considerable amount of patience from the owner. It’s not rocket science, but it’s also not an easy feat. Researching or consulting cat trainers will be of great help for cat owners.

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