Choosing A CPAP Machine In 8 Helpful Tips

A CPAP machine may help individuals with sleep apnea breathe more easily. When you have such sleeping problems, your upper airway becomes obstructed while sleeping. This may result in heart problems, exhaustion, and other major health issues.

A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, which delivers air pressure via a mask while you rest, is the most often used treatment for sleep apnea. It allows your airways to remain open and your body to get more oxygen, allowing it to function properly.

Because there are so many choices, choosing the most suitable machine could be difficult. You can discover the right one for you with the help of your doctor and these helpful tips.

1. Begin With A Professional

You may learn a lot about the “best” CPAP machines by yourself, but only your doctor can truly determine what will fit you.

Because a CPAP machine is medical equipment, your health professional will make the prescription.

In addition, a CPAP machine requires a prescription, so your initial visit ought to be with a health care physician, sleep specialist, or pulmonologist who can evaluate your sleep tests.

2. Prioritise Fit

The machine is connected to your airways through your CPAP mask. Masks come in a variety of sizes. The mask must fit correctly for your machine to function properly.

Fit may have a significant difference in both leakage and comfort. An overly large mask may leak around the edges and into your eyes. This might make it less comfortable, making you less inclined to use it again.

Moreover, a sleep technologist, respiratory technologist, or sleep technician may work with you to choose the best mask.

3. Consider The Comfort

Fit is determined by more than just size alone. It would be best if you also considered the mask that effectively complements your facial features.

Another important consideration when selecting a mask is whether you breathe via your mouth, nose, or both while you sleep.

If an individual solely breathes through their lips, selecting a mask that does not cover the mouth is generally not as good as picking one that does cover the mouth.

4. Consider Accessories

Not only do CPAP machines come with filters, tubing, and masks, but you may also acquire add-ons to make the machine extra comfortable and simpler to operate.

Individuals who often wake up in the middle of the night to untangle a hose might benefit from having a hose hanger secured to their headboard.

There are several “extras” available to improve your experience. Pads, for instance, may reduce the feeling of the heated hoses, and straps could moisten the air entering your nose.

Not all accessories will function with all masks and machines, so ensure you know what will.

5. Look Into Who Will Fix It

Since you never know when problems may arise with your device, it’s important to know where you can have it fixed in a pinch.

The ability to replace your device or talk with a real person to solve issues is essential if your device malfunctions.

6. Check The Insurance Coverage

Most private health insurance coverage covers CPAP machines as well as accessories. Your plan will determine the extent of your coverage. Your strategy may need to rent a machine rather than purchase one.

If you have a plan with a large deductible, you could be obliged to make a significant down payment on your equipment immediately. In this situation, you may discover that paying for it without using your coverage – the “self-pay” choice – is less expensive.

Furthermore, most medical insurance companies utilise a middleman to supply and maintain the devices. They are all different from one another; nevertheless, some of them are more accepting and encouraging than others. It’s critical to understand how insurance works and what equipment they have on hand.

7. Consider The Precise Details

There are certain CPAP machines for sale that are noticeably louder than others. Some occupy far more room than others. Think about how the equipment you purchase will fit with how you live your life.

If you don’t travel very often, you probably won’t need as large of a CPAP machine as someone who goes out of their way to see the world.

8. Be Patient

It’s fairly uncommon to try a couple of different masks before finding the one that works best for you. It would be best if you gave each mask a chance before going on to the next.

It’s similar to shoes. They may feel nice on your feet at the shoe shop, but after a few blocks, they may begin to irritate your foot in one location. It could take a while to get entirely at ease with it.


Using a CPAP machine for the first time is a wholly unique experience in and of itself, so allow yourself plenty of time to adjust.

When switching from sleeping without a CPAP to sleeping with one, the adjustment may not be very comfortable. However, most individuals do, and they like using their CPAP machines for sale once they’re finally getting enough rest.