Discover The Importance Of Cheap Essay Writing

In 2020, the number of essays that reached the total score in the ENEM (National High School Exam) fell – adopted as a selection process by most federal institutions of higher education in the country. In addition, the number of essays with a zero score increased significantly in relation to the previous year: around 309 thousand tests zeroed, while only 53 candidates achieved a score of 1000.

These data demonstrate that developing writing skills is extremely important and is often underestimated by candidates, who focus only on studying for other tests and do not pay attention to cheap essay writing.

However, the grade in the essay has a great weight: in most educational institutions, zeroing the essay is an eliminatory criterion in the selection process. This is not restricted to federal universities and even covers scholarship and student loan financing programs, such as Fies and Prouni , which also require the candidate to reach a minimum grade in the newsroom to access them.

Know the main types of cheap essay writing

Now that you understand a little more about the importance of good writing to guarantee your place in college, it’s time to start preparing for the entrance exam. First of all, it is important to know the types of writing.

Check out, below, 6 of the main textual genres charged in the entrance exam:

Argumentative essay
The argumentative essay genre is the type of text most charged in the entrance exams – including, this is the genre charged every year in the ENEM newsroom.

As the name itself already indicates, in this textual genre, the theme is exposed to the reader through arguments, in order to convince him of some idea. This type of text is divided into three parts: the introduction, the development and the conclusion.

Examples of argumentative essay texts: article, review, opinion letter, journalistic editorial, essay and dissertation.

Explanatory essay
Also known as an expository essay, this textual genre aims to expose a topic or information to the reader clearly, but without the need to persuade him.

This type of text requires a great deal of mastery over the subject, since it is based only on the explanation of the facts and requires a good capacity for conceptualization, comparison and description.

Examples of explanatory essay texts: academic papers, journalistic articles, lectures, seminars, encyclopedia entries.

Narrative texts, also called narratives, are those that present characters acting in a certain time and space. This is the genre used in most literary texts and its structure is based on four parts: presentation, development, climax and outcome.

Examples of narrative texts: short story, chronicle, novel, romance, fable and legend.

The text of the informative genre is similar to the expository, since it aims to present a certain fact to the reader. On the other hand, it does so briefly and does not require a high degree of depth on the topic.

Examples of informative texts: dictionary entry, interview, news.

The descriptive textual genre is based on the presentation of facts, objects, places or people in order to describe them, as the name says. For this, adjectives are used that characterize what is being exposed according to the speaker’s perception.

Examples of descriptive texts: diary, menu, report, testimony, classified ads, biography, curriculum.

The injunctive text aims to guide, persuade or instruct the reader – therefore, it is also known as instructional. A common feature of this textual genre is to present verbs in the imperative.

Examples of injunctive texts: regulations, instruction manuals, instructions for use, culinary prescription, medical prescription, advertising.