Are robotic pool cleaners better than suction vacuum pool cleaners?

Thanks to technology, pool cleaning is not as much hectic job as it used to be once. Instead of going for manual scrubbing, we should look forward to the various automatic pool cleaners available. Two such popular examples are robotic pool cleaners are suction cleaners. Both the cleaners have a distinct working mechanism, features, technology, results, and price. 

However, it is widely deemed that robotic pool cleaners surpass their counterpart in certain aspects. It makes us wonder that are robotic pool cleaners better than suction vacuum pool cleaners? Hopefully, this article will let you decide the best for your pool.

What are robotic pool cleaners?

As the name suggests, these cleaners follow the robotic mechanism and get the job done automatically. Robotic pool cleaners do not rely on any other pool equipment or pool filter and operate independently.

Robotic pool cleaners are very easy to use. All you need to do is drop one into the pool and turn it on. The cleaner’s advanced mapping technology will automatically detect the pool’s layout and therefore, will cover every surface without getting stuck in corners or anywhere else.

What are suction pool cleaners?

Unlike robotic pool cleaners, these cleaners are connected to the skimmer box of a pool and depend upon suction from the pump. After that, a suction pool cleaner will automatically move around in the pool to clean the floor and walls.

A suction pool cleaner takes a longer time to clean the pool as opposed to robotic cleaners. Also, they often get stuck in corners and may require your assistance to set free.  

So which one is better?

From the above-stated information, we can already guess that robotic pool cleaners overtake the suction cleaners in certain aspects. However, let’s explore some other factors that may help us determining whether robotic pool cleaners are better than suction vacuum cleaners or not.


  • Ease-of-use


It is easily determined that robotic pool cleaners are convenient to use as compared to suction vacuum cleaners. Thanks to their advanced technological features and sensors, robotic pool cleaners do not require any manual task other than dropping the cleaner in the pool. Meanwhile, a suction vacuum cleaner still requires connecting to the skimmer box and using the pump, which might be a bit of hassle for some users.


  • Productivity


A robotic pool cleaner automatically moves around in the pool and cleaning every corner and area. Also, it gets the job done a lot faster and more efficiently. Therefore, robotic pool cleaners lead in the productivity department as well.


  • Cost


No further discussion is needed as robotic pool cleaners clearly cost way more than suction vacuum cleaners. However, it should be noted that robotic cleaners though cost more but will return high on your investment.


In terms of ease-of-use, productivity, technology, and features, robotic pool cleaners are better than suction vacuum cleaners. However, suction cleaners have a higher suction and power and less cost that still makes it a popular choice among many pool owners. It is really a matter of choice which cleaner you should opt for. However, do keep in mind the greater number of advantages that robotic pool cleaners offer while purchasing a cleaner for your pool.