How To Preserve a Valuable Jersey In 3 Ways

Avid sports fans often collect and keep the jerseys and uniforms of their idols. They spend thousands of dollars to get hold of a valuable jersey worn during a memorable game. If the jersey that they managed to acquire is the actual item worn by their idol during a historic match, the value of that piece of clothing will reach even greater heights. 

However, this type of sportswear is also easy to damage. The materials can easily get torn when washing. For this reason, most sports aficionados prefer jersey framing to preserve the valuable item. It is also crucial to exert other means to protect the jersey. Here are some ways that they can do to make sure that the item will keep its value over time. 

Guard Jersey Against Harsh Conditions

To make sure that the jersey lasts longer, store it in a place far from exposure to harmful elements like heat, humidity, and ultraviolet rays. If you put the textile of the jersey in direct sunlight, it will get destroyed by the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun, causing it to fade and wither. As a result, it will significantly affect the appearance of the jersey and degrade its value. 

Meanwhile, humidity and heat may also result in frayed stitching and fabric discolouration. Too much moisture may also encourage the growth of moulds that can rot the fabric. Because of this, jersey memorabilia collectors choose jersey framing that comes with extra protection from these natural elements. 

Store The Jersey Properly

You have three options for storing jersey: rolling, hanging, or flat laying the sportswear. Hanging is the easiest way to save the item since you only have to put it in a hanger and cover it with plastic. If you have limited storage space, you can choose the rolling option since it can keep the item compact. 

However, make sure that the storage medium has controls to prevent humidity, heat, and UV light from passing through. If you want to store your valuable jersey and display it at the same time, flat laying it in a frame could be your best choice. Most frame suppliers offer treatments that could avoid these elements so you can display it without worrying about these harmful conditions. 

Look For An Efficient Jersey Storage Method

If you want the best jersey storage method possible, go for the one that comes with UV protection. As mentioned earlier, UV can cause irreparable damage to the fabric. The discolouration caused by direct sunlight is not repairable, so it is vital to do all the necessary measures to prevent the exposure of UV rays in the fabric of the jersey. 

While storage made with plastic materials is cheaper and more convenient, avoid using it if you want to preserve the integrity of the jersey. Plastics usually produce trace gases that could cause the fabric’s erosion over time. It will also give the item an awful plastic smell. You may opt to get glass storage cases, but these are often more expensive and need more space. If you want to frame your jersey, you can look for display cases made using acrylic materials. It can protect the item from humidity, heat, and UV exposure without having to put a dent in your pocket.  

Taking care of a valuable jersey requires thorough planning and using the right materials to ensure that it will last for a lifetime. If you want to enjoy the jersey and present it to future generations, be prepared to invest in the right storage materials to preserve the beauty and integrity of the sports jersey.