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Signs Your Home is Poorly Insulated

Picture this: it’s the dead of winter and well-below freezing outside. Yet no matter how high the temperature of your heat is on, you can’t seem to stay warm. You’ve checked for cracks, holes, or any gaps that could be letting the heat drain from your home, but found none.

You’re not going crazy, and it’s not that your heater is broken. The problem may well rest on your insulation. These, and many more, are common signs your home is poorly insulated.

Key Warning Signs Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

There are many different types of insulation available on the market today, but none of them do you any good if they’re inconsistently applied. So, how do you know if your home’s insulation isn’t up to snuff? Here are some critical warning signs your home is poorly insulated.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Do you have huge temperature differences from room to room? Are you roasting in the bedroom, but freezing in the living room with the thermostat set to the same temperature? These could be signs of bad insulation.

Walls That Freeze Fingers

Wondering how to tell if insulation is bad in one part of the home? Put it to the touch test. Walls should feel dry and warm to the touch, reflecting the temperature you are trying to cultivate in your home.

If your walls feel frigid to the touch, or worse, damp, then your insulation’s the problem.

Massive, Chilly Drafts

Windows and doors losing heat cause about 25-30% of your heating use. During the winter months, see if there’s a particular door or window that makes you feel like all the heat’s getting drained from the room. If there is, you’ve found another place with bad insulation.

Enormous Energy Bills

If certain rooms feel cold no matter what, your natural tendency is to turn up the heat. This leads to massive energy bills. Additionally, even if you don’t feel the difference, it may be because your system is overcompensating for the change.

You won’t notice the temperature difference, but you will notice when your power or heat bill skyrockets.

Icy Pipes

A frozen pipe is a recipe for disaster. Frozen or burst pipes can cost you hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, to fix. If you’ve had issues with frozen pipes, chances are, your insulation is to blame.

A Snowless Roof

Houses with insulation problems become really easy to spot when a snowstorm blows through. If, after a massive snowstorm, your roof is clear, but your neighbors aren’t, your house’s insulation is insufficient.

All that snow melted because the heat from your home escaped through your attic. If that’s not fixed, it can lead to leaks and mold.

Feeling Chilly?

Feeling cold this winter, no matter how hard you try to stay warm, is one of the clearest signs your home is poorly insulated. You don’t have to suffer through it. Reach out to a professional ASAP so that you can stay toasty!

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