Take Charge in The Battle of Wits Using These Scrabble Strategies and Win Your Opponent


Scrabble is a fun and challenging game and no you don’t have to be vocabulary genius to taste victory every time. Your opponent could keep throwing fancy dictionary words but you’ll still be able to rule the game if you follow the popular scrabble strategies. Knowing the rules of the games and a plethora of words can make you a competent player. But what makes you a pro?

Scrabble is also a mathematically powered game with statistical probabilities apart from being a stimulating word game. You’ll have to take in the details of the board, master your tiles, place them in such a way that earns you the highest score, and block your opponent’s moves. 

Keep learning and reading more words:

World-famous scrabble champions continue to read and learn words since it helps them retain those words in their memory better. A fun way to learn is by using online unscrambler tools. One of the famous online portals for unscrambling words is Unscramble Now. How many words do you think you can derivate from ‘yellow’? Try to unscramble yellow using this website

You’ll be surprised that 37 results pop up. Learning words using this tool works great for those who find it monotonous using a dictionary to learn new words. Apart from improving your vocabulary, you’ll also learn possible word combinations. You can input a word into these tools and in return, you’ll get all the possible words that can be formed using the letters. 

Best way to retain learned words in memory:

After learning a new set of words, try recalling them whenever you find the time. Nationally ranked player, Schwartz reveals that this is how he keeps improving his game. He self-quizzes him when preparing for a scrabble tournament. Recalling what you have learned works better than re-reading.

Strategy tips followed by top Scrabble players:

  • Pass up your turn: Survey the situation. If you find there is a possibility of score high points by holding back, don’t settle for a small score. Hold your tiles if it is worth it.
  • Don’t hesitate to swap: Some letters are way too useful to hold on to – like ‘E’. But what if you are left with 4 of them? Swapping could also earn you a tile of high value.
  • Learn small words: There are several 2-letter and 3-letter words that involve q an x. Learning them is very helpful to boost your scores. You can find the list of words in Google.
  • Play the bonus squares: Your intent must be to score the highest points. Every time before placing a word, check if it is possible to use a bonus square.
  • Strive to make a ‘Bingo’: Using all your tiles for a single word is called ‘Bingo’ and earns you 50 points. Memorize 7 letter words including the ones that start with Js, Qs, and Zs.
  • Smartly block your opponent: Use words like ‘next’ which cannot be combined using other letters to make new words.
  • Save mostly-used alphabets: A, E, I, N, R, and S are commonly used in big words. Save them to form big words and earn more points.

Keep practicing and learning to ace the game. Use the online resources to your advantage and show off your scrabble skills.