What Mistakes Are Made When Creating a Personalised T Shirt in Singapore?

Clothes are some of the best ways to express ourselves and our personalities. We can tell a lot about their personality by looking at their clothes. Other times, we can even tell if they are part of a group or organisation with their shirts. Do not wonder why companies spend a sizable sum on custom shirts. And if you are the sentimental type who wants to give something a little personal to your recipient, you might want to consider a personalised t shirt in Singapore.

Why do we make custom shirts?

A personalised shirt is not only a gag gift you can send your friends and family. You can use a custom shirt for almost any occasion. Here are a few ways we use personalised shirts for our purposes.

!) We use them to create wonderful art pieces that define who we are

If you think we should only use custom shirts as presents, then think again. T-shirt businesses would not thrive if custom shirts were only given as presents. We can use our personalised designs to tell people about ourselves and create wearable art.

2) We use them as a company or team uniform

An organisation will use uniforms to instil unity or camaraderie between players or team members. Dozens of basketball players to other athletes look into hiring custom jersey printing services in Singapore to create uniforms that help them identify as a team and stand out from the rest.

3) We use them to design a unique gift for a receiver

Clothes are safe gifts you can give to a receiver. While most people will find a purpose for the clothes you give them, they will be underwhelmed if they have similar clothes in their wardrobe. Why not look for something worthwhile by gifting them a custom shirt? Your receiver will not have any shirts that look like the unique ones you made for them.

Most people do not realise that creating a shirt at home is not that difficult. Sure, if you want high-quality prints, you may need new equipment, but for basic shirts, you can create decent works that people may appreciate. Think of the tie-dye phenomenon of earlier years, where each handcrafted shirt had different designs.

Unfortunately, if you are a beginner, then it’s normal to make mistakes when you craft your first shirts. You might want to know more about the ins and outs of custom t shirt printing in Singapore before you completely dismiss the expenses of hiring a company to do the job for you.

What mistakes can you make when creating your custom shirts?


Whether you plan to gift the shirt to someone else or you plan to keep it yourself, exercising caution is necessary when creating your first shirts. Think of the blank shirt as the canvas upon which you paint. If you make any mistakes, it will take a lot of hard work to fix. In the case of a mistake in your shirt printing, you may have to toss the shirt out and redo the whole thing yourself.

Check out a few of the most common mistakes made when creating your personalised shirts.

1) You forgot to care about the placement of your logo designs

Placement is even more important with custom jersey printing in Singapore. Imagine what your jersey might look like if the number on the back is misaligned compared to the other shirts, or looks slightly off-centre. It might be a small detail, but it is bothersome. Same with the placement of your logos on your shirt. If you do not notice the finer placement details, you might end up with a shirt design that does not look right.

2) You do not care about the readability of your fonts

If your logo has lettering or other logos, then you want people to look at and recognise them immediately. Ensure that all fonts that you put on your shirt are readable. For example, if you are printing on a black shirt, then use white fonts and light designs. White shirts are far more versatile and you can pair them with almost every colour, but if you use light pastel tones for your logos, any reader will not be able to see the image from afar. Make sure you pick your colours carefully.

3) You use low-quality fabrics and materials for your shirts

A handmade personalised t shirt in Singapore is a touching gift that many people will (or should) appreciate, but if you skimp on the materials, do not be surprised by the results of your work. Your low-quality fabrics will affect the quality of your shirt and might even affect the printing process. Shirt printing is best on higher-quality cotton shirts that are a little thicker. Your logo prints will look much better.

4) You want to attempt t-shirt printing, but you do not have the right tools for the job.

Many people would like to do the shirt printing services themselves, but they cannot because they do not have a shirt printer or other specialised equipment to create their custom shirts. The best efforts you can attempt are designs like hand-painting your shirts. Other people use techniques such as iron-on prints. They can replicate complex logos but are not ideal for people who need more than a few t-shirts.

If you do not want to experience the hassle of making the shirts yourself, you have an option to ask a printing company to design your shirts. Your gift will not be any less meaningful if you seek a professional’s help.

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