A Mother’s Aid: 8 Reasons Why Mothers Need a Confinement Nanny in Singapore

Sometimes in life, you require assistance. Life is enhanced when you can rely on a trustworthy individual. It holds especially for mothers. Mothers are heroic individuals because they carry their children and raise them for a significant portion of their lives. Nevertheless, why should mothers bear this responsibility alone? A devoted assistant, such as a confinement nanny in Singapore, will make a mother’s confinement journey easy and more enjoyable. During confinement, nanny services are a must for mothers. If you are still undecided, here are reasons why you deserve a confinement nanny to assist you during this crucial time in your life.

1. Infant care.

Numerous mothers would prioritise their infant’s wellbeing. And for a good reason. Your infant will require special care because they are susceptible to several diseases, such as jaundice and influenza. In addition, there are essential caregiving procedures that mothers must master, such as burping, feeding, and bathing the infant.

A confinement lady in Singapore can easily instruct you on how to ensure the health of your newborn. Using their extensive experience, they will be well-equipped to ensure you are prepared to care for your infant.

2. Giving birth is an exhausting process.

All mothers require time off to recuperate, repair, and rest after giving birth. This time frame is known as the confinement period. It is postpartum fatigue if you feel more tired than usual after giving birth. It is because just before giving birth, women undergo labour, a rigorous process that can leave even the most energetic individuals exhausted. In addition to physical stress, new mothers frequently experience emotional stress and sleep deprivation. Hence, confinement services in Singapore are paramount!

3. Health and wellness.

For many women, the postpartum period starts with various physical changes. And rapid changes in a pregnant woman’s life, according to a study published in Psychological Medicine in 2016, can increase her risk of developing mental health issues. Mothers who suffer from postpartum depression are more likely to worry and fret about the health of their newborns than those who don’t.

These postnatal conditions happen by the stress of raising a child at home alone. Employing a confinement nanny in Singapore could restore the much-needed companionship and emotional support that relatives and neighbours formerly offered to new mothers in rural communities.

4. Reduced stress on the mother.

Your preferred confinement nannies are devoted to you for the duration of their employment. They perform chores such as laundry and floor-sweeping twice weekly for the mother, relieving her of many responsibilities. These are some of the tasks a nanny would perform for you: Depending on the confinement lady recommendation package you select, companies provide 24-hour baby care, domestic chores, guidance and advice for the confinement period, laundry for both mother and baby, cooking confinement food, brewing herbal confinement tonics, a herbal bath, and professional breastfeeding advice. And there are eight items removed from your to-do list.

5. Improve nutrition.

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for new mothers during the first month following the birth of their child. In addition to accelerating your recovery, the food you consume will also improve the quality of the breast milk you produce for your infant. Thus, you must adhere to a strict diet of the right foods to ensure that you and your baby receive the best nutrition possible.

Typically, the recipes a confinement nanny prepares in Singapore are both delicious and nutrient-dense. These dishes feature freshwater fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids that prevent postpartum depression. Eggs, tofu, and Brussel sprouts are also favoured by nannies because they are high in iron, a nutrient that maintains your energy levels and promotes your child’s brain development.

6. Make time management easy.

Most women in modern society take charge of their own lives and have demanding jobs and careers. As caring for a baby is time-consuming, having a baby may make it slightly more challenging to manage time. Having a child should not require mothers to sacrifice or postpone their ambitions and aspirations. In the end, babies are a blessing and should only improve their parents’ lives. Hiring nanny services in Singapore frees up plenty of time that would have otherwise been devoted to household tasks and tending to the baby’s every need. Take advantage of the time off to catch up on sleep, work on your career, or even work on yourself. It’s important to remember that having a child is the beginning of an exciting new journey, not the end of your career.


7. Breastfeed management.

Many would assume that breastfeeding is natural for all mothers, but this is not the case. According to a 2016 TODAY article, some women struggle to produce sufficient breast milk for their newborns. Various postnatal complications, such as inverted nipples or blocked milk ducts, and previous breast trauma or surgery, which can negatively impact breast milk supply, have been linked to these issues.

For breastfeeding mothers seeking professional assistance, a confinement nanny in Singapore can provide lactation advice gleaned from her experience and help your baby latch on. A nanny will also be able to offer much-needed counselling and support to women who are discouraged from breastfeeding due to preexisting medical conditions, such as HIV-positive mothers or those undergoing chemotherapy.

8. Allows mothers to concentrate on recovery.

The confinement period focuses on one primary objective for mothers: recuperation. While it is inevitable that mothers will have to care for their infants to some extent, confinement nanny services in Singapore can be of great assistance. Emotionally, child care can be quite taxing. Children frequently require the attention and assistance of adults. It makes for an exhausting process and may hinder the recovery of mothers, thereby diminishing the efficacy of confinement. Without stress, the mother’s body can pool its resources to repair the body and return to its pre-pregnancy state. Some confinement nannies are also trained in preparing nutritious and delectable confinement foods and drinks, thereby facilitating your return to your pre-pregnancy glory.

For these reasons mentioned, make sure to keep these insights in mind to reap the benefits of confinement services.

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