What To Do If You Miss A Dental Exam 

Missing a dental exam is not a big deal since you can reschedule whenever you want. However, going more than a year without visiting the dentist and missing several appointments can result in adverse consequences later. When you miss one or more dental appointments, it is hard to get back on track with your oral care routine. 

If you are embarrassed about missing your appointment, you are not alone. Such feelings are normal but should not stop you from scheduling another one. Contact your family and cosmetic dentistry in Lakewood Ranch today and tell them you would like to book another appointment. 

Steps to take if you miss a dental exam 

  • Contact your dentist. 

If you have missed your dental appointment, do not wait for another six months for your next one. You can call your dentist and quickly book another one within the next few weeks. You should not skip your dental checkups even if you have a busy schedule. Talk to your dentist to figure out the best times at your convenience. 

  • Explain your reason for the missed appointment. 

Before you visit your dentist, you may be nervous about what to tell your dentist about your missed appointment. Remember that lying won’t make anything better. If you have a valid reason for missing the appointment, such as an important meeting or medical emergency, you should tell that to your dentist. If you are scared or nervous about a dental procedure, you can discuss your fears with your dentist, and they can provide you with peace of mind. 

  • Schedule a comprehensive exam. 

In addition to scheduling a dental appointment, you should book a comprehensive dental exam to look for any potential dental issues that may have arisen during the missed appointment. A comprehensive dental exam involves an assessment of the various aspects of your oral health, from your jawbone health, gum tissues, tongue health, etc. 

What may be the consequences of a missed dental appointment?

When you miss your dental appointment, several things could happen: 

  • Plaque and tartar could accumulate due to missed regular cleanings. 
  • Dental issues like cavities, gum diseases, and other dental problems could go undetected and progress further. 
  • Existing dental problems could escalate and become significant issues over time. 

While missing a dental appointment can cause problems, there is no reason not to book another one. It is best to schedule soon to avoid extensive treatments in the future. In the meantime, follow a good oral care routine.