You’ll Receive Meditation Online, Pilates, and Yoga Courses with Glo Offering a Free Trial

Start Your Meditation Online Journey with Glo

If you’re like most people and have thought about meditating, you’ll be happy to discover a great new way to learn through Glo. With high-quality video instruction that can be delivered to your home computer or smart device, you’ll be able to skip the studio instruction. Even if you’re currently learning from a studio or are highly experienced yogi, you’ll learn from some of the best instructors worldwide. You’ll also save time without having to travel to learn new skills such as yoga and Pilates as well. The best part is that Glo is offering you a trial period to decide if their service is for you.

Examples of the Meditation Online Offered by Glo

Meditation is somewhat miscategorized in popular culture by broad generalizations. The reality of meditation online is that there are many different types to choose from depending on your experience level and objectives. Below are some of the most popular meditation online courses offered with Glo:

  • Self-image and self-worth meditation
  • Meditation for expecting mothers
  • Letting go of negative thoughts and emotions
  • Meditation for PMS and more

A noteworthy feature with the meditation online courses is that many of them can be downloaded, so you’ll be able to access them anywhere.

Yoga for Every Learner with Glo

Yoga is the perfect way to get the most out of your meditation efforts. Absolute beginners all the way to instructor level advanced classes are offered in the 3,000-plus lessons offered by Glo. Yoga is available for all different purposes just like meditation. You’ll also be able to take courses from the same instructor that you take meditation classes with, in many cases. Yoga helps you improve your flexibility, agility, breathing, and a whole host of other benefits. Some of the most popular types of yoga are as follows:

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Hatha
  • Yin
  • Yoga for conditioning
  • Restorative and more

Pilates is a Great Choice for Nearly Everyone

Pilates has been made popular over the years by many high-profile athletes, actors, dancers, and medical professionals. Pilates helps to build strength and can also help with coordination, breathing, agility, and reducing stress. Pilates offers a convenient and low-impact way to achieve impressive and visible results over time. These courses are all available to you at no additional charge and you’ll have access to every level from beginner to expert.

Other Benefits Glo Offers

Glo will recommend an action plan to map out your coursework and will even recommend an instructor that you’d most likely enjoy learning from. You’re free to choose any course or instructor and add and drop courses as you’d like. The instructors also have video biographies available to ensure that they’re appropriate for your tastes and learning style. A supportive community is also at your disposal and is a great way to connect with others and share tips. You’re in total control with Glo.

Get Started with Your Trial and Learn from the Best

Getting started with your 15-day free trial will help you make an informed decision on whether the service is for you. If you’d like to continue, you’ll simply have the monthly membership fee automatically billed to a credit card. The current monthly membership cost starts at just $18 and is a bargain when compared to studios that often charge far more. Learn new skills that’ll benefit you for a lifetime by trying out Glo’s 15-day free membership period, today!