Dr. Maria Elena Fodera: A Notable Doctor At Metro Vein Centers

Dr. Maria Elena Fodera is a board-certified surgeon who is incredibly well known for her contribution to the field of medicine through the extensive amount of work that she has done within this field. She is a consultant of Vascular Surgery at Eger Healthcare and is known for specializing in vascular diseases and disorders. She is incredibly well versed with her field and is someone who has worked in it for an extensive period of time. Her notable contributions within the field include the establishment of the venous duplex protocol at St. Vincent Hospital. She has also helped hundreds of patients through the course of her career who have been diagnosed with a range of disorders. With her vast experience and knowledge, she has helped several patients who would have otherwise not been able to receive the treatment that they need.

Dr. Maria Elena Fodera has attending privileges with several notable medical institutions throughout the county. She currently has privileges at Staten Island University Hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, St. Vincent’s Medical Center and SYNY Down State Medical Center. She also stands as an Assistant Clinical Professor Of Surgery at The Downstate Medical Center, University Hospital Of Brooklyn and State University Of New York. She helps educate the future generations of surgeons here so that they are well equipped to go out into the field and work for the betterment of people’s lives.

In addition to practicing at several notable hospitals, Dr. Maria Elena Fodera is also known for heading her own practice. Here, she offers her expert opinion to patients who are in need of medical care. She is also someone who is able to connect well with her patients, which is why she has such a well-established practice. Caring for her patients is her top priority and something that she tries to pay close attention to. Her patients always feel welcome at her clinic and trust her medical opinion when it comes to the treatment of their diseases and disorders.

One of the reasons why Dr. Maria Elena Fodera has emerged as such a prominent name within her field is because of her positive educational experience that she had prior to becoming a surgeon. She attained a medical degree at Georgetown University and graduated from Columbia University. These institutions equipped her with the tools that she needed to go out into the medical field and give viable courses of treatment to their patients.

Dr. Maria Elena Fodera is also a consulting doctor at Metro Vein Centers, one of the most notable institutions offering care with regards to vascular health. At the center Dr. Maria Elena Fodera offers her expert opinion to those who specifically have vascular disorders. Through the center, Dr. Maria Elena Fodera is able to provide the best course of treatment that patients can depend on.

About Metro Vein Centers

Metro Centers is an institution that was founded with one aim – to be able to provide the best course of treatment to patients who have vascular disorders. The institution was founded by a group of well-experienced doctors who had been working in the field for a long time, and who wanted to establish a centralized place where patients could receive a comprehensive course of treatment. The centers were designed to use some of the best technology coupled with the best doctors within the field. The vein center currently houses some of the best doctors within the field who are all experienced with the prospect of vascular disorders. The centers have helped thousands of people, and have become the best place for people to turn to in an event where they start to experience the symptoms of vascular disorders.