Best Camera Settings For Night-Time

Night photography is one of the beauties of photography, and it is an awesome genre of landscape photography. It is, however not as easy as most would think, as you have to ensure a lot if technicalities are put in place. Taking a photo of the night sky is definitely as straightforward as it seems, and in many cases, it is different from the regular landscape photography even if you are making use of the best instant camera. A reason for this is that the wrong settings will surely lead to a poor image or even completely black images.

In order to capture beautiful images of at night, the right aperture, shutter speed and ISO have to be chosen. Once you get these settings right, you are almost good to go. Below are the settings you will need to use, to get the best out of night time photography:

  • Use an Open Aperture

Regular landscape photography requires the use of a narrow aperture; however, in order to get the appropriate sharpness, a faster aperture is required. It is preferred you use wide-angle lenses with a fast aperture. Examples of such are the f/2.8, but these lenses are quite expensive.

  • Make Use of a High ISO

For night time photography, a low ISO is preferred, and this is totally the opposite for your regular day time landscape photography. At night, it’s often pitch black and the same settings which is used during the day will obviously not work. A higher ISO means that the sensor of the camera more sensitive to light, there by allowing for shorter shutter speed. This won’t work at night, and therefore, a low ISO is used.

  • The Shutter Speed Shouldn’t Be Too Slow

A reason for ensuring the shutter speed isn’t too slow, is because a too slow shutter speed will result in blurry images.