Modernize and Improve Your Commercial Restroom in 5 Simple Ways

 Some large corporations and even small-scale companies and business institutions somehow fail to understand that the way to impress their clients and employees is by having ravished restrooms. Commercial bathrooms have to look immaculate and classy for numerous reasons. Not only does having a clean and meticulous restroom improve your business image, but it also leads to securing health and safety regulations. If you are looking for a way to upgrade your business premises, you ought to start with modernizing your commercial restroom. Without much investment and large-scale renovation, here are five simple ways you can transform your commercial restroom and make look appealing, immaculate, and sprucing.

Revamp the toilets and faucets

The very first thing you must do to modernize your business restroom space is ditch the dated toilets and faucets and replace them with contemporary ones. Most old-fashioned toilet amenities are hard to maintain and don’t look so appealing, plus there might be a higher risk of some cross-contamination. Hence, opt for installing new automatic flushing toilets and faucets that are contactless and easy to maintain. By replacing outworn toilets you would also save loads of money on the water bill as the automatized toilets and faucets would adequately control the flow making it convenient for consumers and your business.

Update the bathroom accessories

Another aesthetic and conformity change that you ought to undertake is updating all bathroom accessories. Start by getting a modern air freshener dispenser for a pleasant washroom experience, then change the soap dispenser, opt for automatic hand driers, and even replace the mirrors. Commercial restrooms very often have a large flow of people, and if you wish to make it both user-friendly and dazzling for the eye, updating all the bathroom accessories is the way to go. Invest in only high-quality hardware and bathroom devices in order to enhance durability, performance, and efficiency. This form of investment in high-traffic business restrooms is a lucrative and appreciative one in the long run.

Improve user privacy

All users, especially guests and important clients, should feel stunned upon entering your commercial bathroom as it can deliver a positive picture abut your brand and how you deal with your business. Unless you have properly divided the restroom it might lead to a huge negative impression as all users prefer utmost privacy. Use adequate partitions or special screens to divide the restroom. Make sure you install a lock on the door that is easy to use and safe. When users have absolute privacy, they are keen to use the premises with peace of mind and this is utterly vital for your overall brand image as well.

Provide absolute cleanliness

Ensuring cleanliness is undoubtedly the most crucial matter in upscale restroom premises. What’s more, once you have redecorated and modernized the business restroom, you won’t have any worries related to health hazards. Germs, infections, and various bacteria are a huge problem nowadays, therefore having clean and maintained bathroom space will create a big and positive impact on the users as it would stop the spread of all restroom-related illnesses. Use quality and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, get a big enough trash bag, and have it emptied regularly. Also, ensure there are plenty of paper towels, toilet paper, ladies’ hygiene products, and other cleaning supplies that would enhance the corporate bathroom experience. Instruct the cleaning company to handle intense and thorough cleaning every three to four hours.

Tackle any problems quickly

Besides revamping the commercial restroom premises, to make utterly impactful changes, you need to focus on resolving any bathroom-related issues ASAP. In any commercial restrooms, there are bound to be some problems, from toilet leaks, under-flushing, valve repairs, and other sewage or ruptures and problems. Commercial restrooms are places with high traffic, and safety concerns should be on a satisfactory level so the way to improve the restroom is to tackle and fix any problems the moment they emerge and not wait for the last minute. Focus on incorporating proper solutions to any restroom problem the second you spot them unless you would create a bad image if things go unresolved for a long period or, even worse, create great problems that would require severe repairs.

Always take a step and consider the big picture when you are about to modernize and improve your commercial restroom. All the above-mentioned ways would help you deliver outstanding results as long as you create a strict improvement plan and stick to it.