Post-Party Aftermath: 10 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean After Celebrations

 Celebrations are also part of the corporate culture. You have to celebrate the yearly anniversaries, award-winning events, Christmas and birthday celebrations, and promotions. There would be decorations around the office to give off a celebratory mood. There would also be plastic spoons and forks so people could eat. The aftermath would be messy and chaotic if the employees were not mindful enough! Leaves would probably be left behind around the vicinity, and you would need to call for an office cleaner in Singapore to bring back the cleanliness.

It’s not the right mindset to rely on the clean-up process with the janitors. One might say: don’t worry, some janitors will clean up the mess. It’s unethical and sounds like you’re too privileged. Janitors are responsible for cleaning the office, but it doesn’t mean you can be as messy as you want. So, when having a company party, here’s how to do the post-party clean-up with an office cleaner.

How to Clean The Office Post-Party Celebration

Some events deserve to be celebrated, and sometimes it’s an excellent way to remind the company about your achievements through teamwork and dedication. However, cleaning up is a big responsibility because you can’t leave the trash on the office floor. You can’t just rely on the personnel to fix the party’s aftermath. Or better yet, you can also look for an office cleaning company in Singapore for additional assistance.

In the meantime, learn how to be responsible and here are some tips for cleaning your office post-party celebrations.

Right After the Celebration

1) Put Leftover Food in Containers

After the celebration, employees have to go home because it might be late at night. The first thing they should do is to put the leftover food in a container. It is to prevent spoiling the food and wasting it because of over-exposure. As you put the food inside the container, you can also eat the food the next day. Also, don’t forget to put the foods in the correct container for space efficiency. Better yet, you can also ask the employees to take home some food so there would be no wasted meals.

2) Put Plates in the Dishwasher

You might feel tired and drained after the party but take your time to put the plates in the dishwasher before going home. Make sure that every employee is doing their part in the clean-up process. It makes the process easier to finish so everyone can go home earlier. After this, you can rely on the office cleaner in Singapore for the following morning.

3) Arrange the Chairs and Tables

To avoid leaving the room chaotic, arrange the chairs and tables to fix them back in their original places. Put the table back in its place and the chairs along with it. This way, the area will look more organised and less messy. On the day of the cleaning service, the office cleaner or janitors will have an easier way of cleaning up the mess.

4) Sweep the Floor

It’s also essential to sweep the floor to avoid making the room look messier. Only this way, you can make the process for office cleaners to easily arrange the post-party aftermath. And the next day, they can proceed to the other step and make the cleaning easily done by a cleaning company.

The Next Day After the Celebration

5) Return the Speakers and Other Gadgets Used

Since you use the gadgets like speakers or even television sets at the party, you might as well remember to return them if you borrowed from the other department. Plus, you can keep them safe once the office cleaning company in Singapore arrives because they might light detergents or sprays. Keep the gadgets safe from these products to protect their qualities.

6) Instruct the Office Cleaners

Once the cleaners arrive, it’s better to instruct them about how you want the office cleaner services to work. Advise them to clean the area that needed the most to be sanitised. Doing so gives them a clearer picture of what they should do for your office setting. Other than this, they can achieve your goals in mind. It ensures that the results will go along with your expectations.

7) Remove the Decorations

If you have more time, you can remove the decorations to make your place look more professional again. It is essential, especially during Christmas, because you will display garlands, trees, lights, and other festive decorations. After the holiday season, you must remove this to make the office look more appropriate. When looking for professional office cleaning services in Singapore, you can also ask them to help you remove these decorations.

It is also a way to ensure safety when taking out sharp objects like nails and thumbtacks. The cleaners can also use equipment to make removing these decorations easier to address.

8) Also, Clean the Bathroom

During parties, people also use the bathrooms to relieve themselves. For this reason, don’t forget to include the bathroom during the office cleaner services. Advise the cleaning company to bring appropriate cleaning products or tools for a more effective process. With guests in and out, it’s also essential to disinfect the bathroom as a COVID protocol.

Since you still need to consider the pandemic, it’s better to address the situation with precaution and assurance. Spray some disinfectants and alcohol to keep the virus away. As such, you’ll ensure that everyone will be safe from contacting the COVOD-19 virus.

9) Clean the Office Furniture

You can also dust off the furniture to make it look clean. More likely, there would be greasy spots and stains that needed to be addressed. You can advise the office cleaner to look for spots and tell them to proceed with the proper actions for improving the appearance. On top of this, you can also preserve the furniture’s quality for a longer time.

After the Cleaning Process

10) Give Gratitude to the Cleaners

Most importantly, you know how to thank the cleaners who helped you clean up the mess post-party celebrations. During the professional office cleaning services in Singapore, make sure to pay the service fee and say a simple thank you to appreciate their efforts.



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